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Do not miss a trading opportunity. Financial news and alerts tools in MetaTrader 4 allow traders to stay
abreast of the latest market events and help them make the right trading decisions.

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Symbol quotes are affected by various global and regional events in politics and economies around the world. News from exchanges and large financial institutions, rates of central banks, and shifts in political and business climate of various countries can help you forecast changes in currency exchange rates. The financial news line in MetaTrader 4 is your guide in the world of financial trends. It will help you track market changes and, therefore, take the right trading decisions. Stay focused and do not miss a favorable moments to perform a trade!


Alerts are the most significant notifications of the important market developments. MetaTrader 4 allows you to create an alert for certain trading conditions, such as exceeding the specified values by Bid and Ask prices.

If a specified event occurs, MetaTrader 4 will notify you by a sound or an email. You can also enable sending SMS or push notifications to your mobile phone. Set an alert and sit back and wait!

View market expectations

View the forecast figure (based on market expectations), the previous figure, the actual figure when it is released and revised figures.

In-depth event information

View detailed information on what an announcement measures, why it is important, the source of the data, how often it's released and a table of historical results.

Recurring alerts

Set recurring alerts, complete with a timer, so you always know when the important economic announcements you're interested in are taking place.

Mobile notifications

Our mobile trading apps allow you to receive market calendar alerts via push notifications, so you won't miss important data releases, even when you're out.

Filter releases

Filter all announcements by country and expected market impact (low, medium and high), and choose between daily, weekly and monthly timeframes.

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