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MetaTrader 4 is a platform for trading Forex, analyzing financial markets and
using Expert Advisors. Mobile trading, Trading Signals and the Market are the
integral parts of MetaTrader 4 that enhance your Forex trading experience

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  • Trading via smartphones and tablets

    Mobile trading

    The MetaTrader 4 mobile applications allow trading on financial markets via iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets. The functionality offered on the mobile versions includes interactive quote charts, full set of trading orders and the most popular analytical tools, very similar to the desktop version. You can monitor your account status, track the history of trades, as well as buy and sell financial instruments in a single click. The mobile applications also provide additional features such as convenient chat with other traders and push notifications.

  • Development of trading robots and technical indicators

    Automated trading

    Algorithmic trading (automated trading) is one of the strongest features of MetaTrader 4 allowing you to develop, test and apply Expert Advisors and technical indicators. It eliminates any obstacles in analytical and trading activity.

  • Various technical analysis tools

    Charting features

    The Forex technical analysis is based on the detection of certain trends and patterns, consisting of typical figures or shapes formed on symbol charts. Various technical analysis tools use identified trends to make forecasts on future exchange rate changes, define market entry and exit points and set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

  • Purchase robots and indicators directly in the platform

    Metatrader market

    The Market contains more than 1700 trading robots and 2 100 technical indicators for your trading platforms, and their number is increasing with each passing day. This makes MetaTrader Market the biggest application store for trading platforms in the world! Are you looking for scalper, trend-following robots, or EAs based on neural networks? Here you are!

  • Copying trades of successful traders, or social trading

    Trading signals

    Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 allow you to automatically copy the deals performed by other traders in real time. Many successful traders provide their Forex trades in public access either for free or for a reasonable fee, becoming signal providers. The showcase of 3,200+ free and commercial signals can be found on the website and on the Signals tab of your trading platform. For your convenience, all signal providers are sorted by their trading results.

  • Communicate with other traders and find out more about Forex

    Community of traders is the world's leading web portal for algorithmic trading enthusiasts. The website was launched back in 2010, and it has become the main meeting point for traders and trading robot developers. Hundreds of thousands of users from around the world visit the website daily. The portal provides access to unique services, including the largest online store of ready MQL5 application, and a huge database of signals available for copy trading.


The choice for millions of Forex and stock traders

  • Powerful Trading System
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Professional Technical Analysis
  • Powerful Trading System

    The MetaTrader 4 trading system offers an advanced Market Depth feature (with a tick chart and Time & Sales information), a separate accounting of orders and trades, the support of all types of trading orders and execution modes. Two order accounting modes are provided in the platform: the netting mode is adopted on exchange markets, while the hedging method can be used for Forex trading. With the One Click Trading function and the Market Depth option, users can buy and sell currency pairs, equities, futures and CFDs with just one click. The Stop Loss and Take Profit options are designed to help secure profits and minimize losses.

    With the MetaTrader 4 trading system you can take the maximum advantage of any market situation!

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  • Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis tools, such as financial news and the economic calendar, can also be used to forecast the price dynamics of financial instruments in MetaTrader 4. Analyze various economic indicators, read news reports from international news agencies, and try to forecast their effect on currency and stock prices.

    The powerful MetaTrader 4 trading platform provides advanced technical facilities for successful trading on various financial markets, including Forex, exchanges, futures and CFD markets.

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  • Professional Technical Analysis

    The dearest wish of any trader is to be able to predict future market movements. MetaTrader 4 equips traders with the full arsenal of analytical tools for the most thorough price analysis and forecasting.

    Up to 100 charts can be opened in the platform to enable monitoring of all required financial instruments. The MetaTrader 4 charting system includes 21 time-frames, from one-minute to one-month. Such a diversity of time-frames allows examining short-term price fluctuations along with long-term trends. MetaTrader 4 also provides over 80 built-in technical indicators and analytical objects for the most detailed price analysis. 

    With the all the exceptional technical analysis tools available in MetaTrader 4 you can be prepared for any market change!

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